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  • For the past few months, I have been recording and editing sounds for my personal use sound library. Some of you, who know me from this blog and on Twitter, must be aware that I often put up my sound effects for free download.

    I have decided to share some of my Sound Packs containing High Definition sound files recorded and edited in 96kHz/24-bit WAV Format. I am putting up these Sound Packs on my blog website under SFX Store page, from where the interested Sound Designers, Recordists, Audio/Video Editors and Audio Enthusiasts can download the sounds on Pay-What-You-Want buying structure and obtain the license to use/modify the sounds into their own projects for the lifetime. I would appreciate it, if you have a listen to the Sound Pack Previews and if interested, pay the amount you feel is worth for the sound effects.

    If you face any problems during ordering process, Please contact me at hrishikesh_dani[@]yahoo[dot]com

    I hope you enjoy the Sounds, Thanks!


    Description – This Sound Pack contains 50 WAV files of a Handheld Kitchen Blender in operation at 5 different speeds and with the Blender Attachment Blade ON/OFF. All Sounds were recorded at 96kHz/24-bits WAV Format. The Pack contains well-edited High Definition Sound Files with proper Metadata embedding using BWF MetaEdit (Tested successfully on Basehead SFX Search Database Program).

    Tracklist Info can be viewed here.

    Pay What You Want (Choose Your Own Price!!!) 


    Description– This Sound Pack contains25 Stereo WAV files totaling upto 5 and a half minutes of Highway Vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Coaches passing by at High Speeds. The Passbys are categorized into Single Passbys and Busy Traffic. All Sounds were recorded at 96kHz/24-bits WAV Format. The Pack contains well-edited High Definition Sound Files with proper Metadata embedding using BWF MetaEdit (Tested successfully on Basehead SFX Search Database Program).

    Tracklist Info can be viewed here.

    Pay What You Want (Choose Your Own Price!!!)  

    For more Sound Packs … Click Here.

    So there, finally I have considered replacing sound for game trailers. The first trailer which I have chosen is Battlefield Bad Company 2 : Vietnam Operation Hastings Trailer.

    It is often considered that, if you tamper around with the sound of any of the Battlefield Series games, you are committing a sound crime. The reason being, the audio guys at EA DICE are just so good at what they do that the BF gamers have sanctified the sound of battlefield games. Here’s my Tribute to the one of the best FPS game series ever.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Operation Hastings Game Trailer belongs to EA DICE. I am using it for sound design replacement demo purpose only.

    All sounds are recorded and designed by me except some explosion sounds which are free to use sounds from and human vocal sounds (source unknown)

    Source sounds for weapon shots (Indoor Small Bore Rifle shots and Lightning Strike)

    Thanks for watching :)

    Last month I saw a youtube video of Pendulum Waves on NatSciDemos. The moment I saw it, I could hear music with interesting patterns even though the video didn’t have any audio track in it.

    I created a Max/MSP standalone application to sonify this awesome pendulum wave phenomenon. The video below is the video capture of pendulum music synced to the visual/movement of the pendulums.

    In this blog post I am writing about the process and will also provide the download link for the Max/MSP Standalone App (and also the patch for max/msp geeks) for Windows and Mac OSX (currently can be accessed using Collective), in which the users can load their own sound samples and have a play around with this audio/visual app. Please read more below.

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    For past two years, I have visited my girlfriend’s city Constanta in Romania quite a few times. Constanta is located at the Black Sea coast and it is the second largest metropolitan city in Romania; the first one is the capital city Bucharest.

                  source: Wikipedia.orgsource: wikipedia

    Many tourists from non-coastal regions of Romania visit Constanta during summer to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun & the sea. The city is also vibrant and has got its own flavour of sights and sounds. There is a good balance between urban and nature surroundings, especially in the area where my girlfriend lives. The area has a beautiful lake called Lacul Tabacarie surrounded by a park which is close to a popular beach called Mamaia beach.

    I have always carried my portable recorder Zoom H1 with me and quickly recorded anything that sounded interesting and unique. I recorded many sounds every time I visited Romania. Constanta city soundscape is mostly filled with vehicles (mostly cars), Birds and Wind (gets quite windy at times). It also gets very funfare-like atmosphere as you go closer towards the popular beaches. Here, I would like to share some nature and ambience sounds I recorded in Constanta.

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    Coming Soon…

    My Prototype for Automatic Ringtone Personalising Suite for a Smart Phone


    Will be writing a detailed blog post soon, once I get a video capture of functionality of the prototype on Mac (I am currently on Windows).

     Auto Equalizer patch

     Auto Light Sensor patch

     Auto Output Volume patch

    Pami a.k.a ChocoMuffinHead is a cutie who loves to run in the park, eat fish, get her paws wet on the sea-shore, chase cats, roll on the green grass, hide under the sheets and sometimes bark & growl like a furious lil dog. 



    A few weeks ago I went back to my home city Bombay (Mumbai) for a short 2-week visit after spending almost a year and half in Edinburgh, UK. I wanted to make most out of this visit by going on a unique Indian Nature recording trip at a wildlife sanctuary in Bombay. Not having a proper field recording gear and an off-season timing (May month summer) for visiting the woods made it seem difficult to go out there and capture some interesting sounds of Indian Wilderness but I didn’t want to let it hamper my plans.

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    Earlier this week, I wanted to design a sound which has real-world identity and which also naturally has got sweep effect in it. The best sound I could think of was a bottle being filled up with water under the tap, this sound has got this upward frequency sweep which culminates at the point when the bottle is filled up. How about creating a sound of a bottle which never fills up?

    I got back to mulching around with AudioMulch. I have always been an admirer of their RissetTones generator. And with the help of Flangers and RissetTones generators on lamp static as the input sound (which has no resemblance to the output sound at all… I like to do kaya palat which means Total change or transformation in Hindi), I was able to create this aural illusion of the bottle which never fills up.

    Project “The Dead End” was my Sonic Structures course project for MSc Sound Design programme (2009-2010) at the University of Edinburgh. It is based on a short fictional story called The Sound Sweep written by J.G.Ballard, a british author well known for his weird/science fiction novels and short stories. The objective of the project was to take an extract from The Sound Sweep and sonically recreate the chosen scene/environment described in the story using FMOD Sound System. The brief for the project was provided by Dr. Martin Parker (Programme Director, MSc Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh) to the whole cohort pursuing the masters in sound design programme. After reading the story, which was open ended, I felt the need of coming to a conclusion with my own interpretation of the ending for the story and recreate that extended end as a dark, nightmarish and melancholic sonic environment with linear passage in a non-linear set-up. FMOD Designer and FMOD Sandbox were used to create the interactive sonic environment.

    Read more on the BreakDown and detailed explanation.

    The Dead End (Extended end of The Sound Sweep) - Hrishikesh Dani

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